County Judge Addresses Issue Related To Meeting On 9/10/2019

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September 11, 2019


I, as Boyle County Judge Executive, neither agree with nor embrace the comments put forth by Magistrate Sammons during Tuesday Fiscal Court Session.

Our County has a rich history of putting strong, capable women in key positions. Our citizens will not, and should not, accept anything less than for every individual to be treated with the respect and consideration they deserve.

It is my position that no one should be made to feel uncomfortable while conducting business with Boyle County or on the behalf of Boyle County.

In an effort to ensure the effectiveness of this court and the welcoming environment we wish to provide for everyone who comes before us, I am requesting that all members of the Fiscal Court, including myself, receive appropriate training to reinforce this court’s commitment to respect the dignity of every individual and I invite all elected officials in Boyle County to join us in this training.


Howard P. Hunt III

Boyle County Judge Executive