Fiscal Court Approved Minutes Special Called Meeting – 08/03/21

The Special Called Meeting of the Boyle County Fiscal Court was held on the 3rd, day of August 2021 at 9:00 A.M.  Members present at the meeting were:

Judge Howard Hunt

John Caywood

Jason Cullen

Jamey Gay

Tom Ellis

Phil Sammons

Ronnie Short

Others present at the meeting were, County Attorney Chris Herron, Keagan Hinkle and Attorney Josh Tucker.

Chris Herron:  Motion made to make this meeting public instead of closed session requested by Keagan Hinkle.  Keagan Hinkle or Attorney Josh Tucker have the right to speak but the Judge or Magistrates do not have to respond to questions.

Atty. Josh Tucker addressed specifically the grounds stated in the two letters received from Attorney Chris Herron.  The first letter has 9 grounds July 28th grounds for termination of based on the hearing on July 27th, 2021.  A letter from July 30, 2021 stated additional grounds of termination for neglect of duties such as incentive payments being delinquent, invoices not paid and the budget not being done.  Attorney Josh Tucker stated KRS 68.0104 incompetency, dishonesty or neglectful of duty.  Attorney Josh Tucker stated that according to the KRS there was no incompetency or dishonesty involved.  Attorney Chris Herron stated that the KRS guideline could be interpreted differently.

Attorney Josh Tucker presented materials which were 2021 performance review along with August 25, 2020 involving his promotion to County Treasurer.  Timesheets from Jan 1st 2021 until current were presented.  The employee evaluation of February 3rd, 2021 was that he met expectations.  The time records submitted and signed by Judge Howard Hunt. Attorney Josh Tucker questioned his time record while Keagan Hinkle explained that he was not aware of any counseling on the time clock.  Keagan Hinkle stated on June 22, 2021 he spoke with all staff concerning any statements that could have been made and told the staff that if he ever did anything or said anything to offend them he was sorry.  Keagan explained the staff in both offices Tax Administration and Judge Executive’s office stated they realized he was under stress and he hadn’t done anything.  Keagan Hinkle explained that since February 3rd, 2021 no superior had spoken with him about his job performance.  The Planning/Zoning meeting concerning the Kennel, Keagan Hinkle stated he had tried to stay out of the entire situation. Keagan Hinkle explained that during COVID he was never not allowed in the building and was never told to do anything different than he was in regards to COVID.

Attorney Josh Tucker asked Keagan Hinkle if he had stated he might record the Executive session on July 27, 2021.  Keagan Hinkle denied saying he might record the Fiscal Court meeting after the July 27, 2021 was adjourned, but stated he thought all people would want to be a fly on the wall.

Attorney Josh Tucker asked Keagan Hinkle if TransNav was 10 quarters behind on their tax incentive. Keagan Hinkle stated that the tax incentive were behind but this could not be discussed publicly.  The motion was made by Magistrate Ronnie Short to go into closed session so Keagan Hinkle could explain why they were behind, seconded by Magistrate Jamey Gay.  Motion carries unanimously.  Motion to come out of closed session by Magistrate Jamey Gay, seconded by Magistrate Phil Sammons.  Motion approves unanimously.  No action taken in closed session.  In regards to tax incentive Keagan Hinkle stated that Pittman Creek was treated no different than anyone was.  Pittman Creek supplied all documents to complete their tax incentives.

In regards to the budget Keagan Hinkle stated that the budget was completed but was not uploaded in KVS.  Keagan Hinkle stated that he had to wait for DLG to say that it was okay to close out the months.  Attorney Josh Tucker asked about allegation involving emails not being read and Keagan Hinkle explained KAFTCO was a group that he belonged to this group which included some of the emails.  Keagan also explained that TransNav was told by him that he would reach out to them about the incentive after the budget preparation was completed.  TransNav continued to reach out after that by email and phone.

Keagan Hinkle was ask by his attorney to explain his actions at City Hall with Mr. Getty.  Keagan Hinkle explained he was attempting to resolve any issue with Mr. Getty.  Keagan said he was not taking his belt off to be an aggressor that he only took it off to decompress after a long day.

The court went into recess for 10 minutes.

Attorney Josh Tucker called Mary Conely former Boyle County Treasurer.  Mary Conley stated that TransNav and Meggitt were behind on the incentive payments.

Attorney Josh Tucker asked that the court go into closed session.  Motion made by Magistrate Jamey Gay seconded Magistrate Ronnie Short. Motion carries unanimously.

Magistrate Jamey Gay to come out of closed session, seconded by Magistrate Ronnie Short.  Motion carries unanimously.  Mary Conley stated she would enter the budget by the end of July.  Mary also stated that closing the month typically would be towards the end of the month and year end would take even longer to close due to reconciling.  Mary Conley was Keagan Hinkle’s stated that Keagan did not act dishonestly, and showed detail with his job.  Attorney Chris Herron asked Mary Conley

Adjourn:  Motion made to adjourn by Magistrate Jason Cullen, seconded by Magistrate Ronnie Short.  Motion approved unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Howard P. Hunt III

Howard P. Hunt III

Boyle County Judge Executive