Fiscal Court Meeting Minutes – January 14, 2020

The regular meeting of the Boyle County Fiscal Court was held on the 14th day of January, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. Members present at the meeting were:

John Caywood
Jason Cullen
Tom Ellis
Jamey Gay
Judge Howard Hunt
Phil Sammons
Ronnie Short

Others present at the meeting were, Fiscal Court Clerk Anne Nagy, Gavyn Williams, Jessica Williams, Graci Williams, Glen Williams, County Attorney Chris Herron, County Treasurer-Mary Conley, Sheriff Derek Robbins, Planning and Zoning Director Steve Hunter, Parks and Recreation Director John Bell, Shannon Greene, Randy Graham, Rick Serres, Bruce Nichols (Helping Hands), Laura Guerrant (CASA of the Bluegrass), Scott Rousey, William Reiser, Adam Gray, George Coomer, Co-Treasurer-Laurent Nash, EMA Director Mike Wilder, Building Inspector Rusty Cox, John Turner, Tommy McGirr, Joan Huffman, Angela Allen, Louise Allen, Jamie Peyton, Ron Scott, Mayor Mike Perros, City Manager David Milliron, Martin Smith, Steve, Knight, Director of Public Works Duane Campbell, Dale Knight, Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottoms, Jimmie Coffman and Ben Kleppinger with the Advocate Messenger.

Judge Hunt called the meeting to order and Magistrate Cullen gave the invocation.

Gavyn Williams, son of Jessica and Glen Williams a student at Woodlawn Elementary, led the Court in the Pledge of Allegiance. A motion to bestow the title of Honorary Magistrate upon Mr. Williams was made by Judge Hunt, seconded by Magistrate Sammons. All members voted in favor.

Judge Hunt presented the minutes from the December 17, 2019, Fiscal Court meeting for consideration. A motion to approve the December 17, 2019, minutes was made by Magistrate Caywood, seconded by Magistrate Gay. All members voted in favor. Judge Hunt also presented the minutes from the December 20, 2019, Special Called Fiscal Court meeting for consideration. A motion to approve the December 20, 2019 minutes was made by Magistrate Short, seconded by Magistrate Cullen. Approved unanimously.

Assistant County Treasurer Laurent Nash presented the Payroll totaling $674,791.53 and the Standing Orders totaling $15,931.38, Sheriff’s 2020 Ford Fusion $21,510 and Bills totaling $509,130.23 and December E911 $3,087.54. Total bills $1,224,451.28. Motion by Magistrate Gay to approve expenditures. Seconded by Magistrate Short. There was no discussion. The motion passed with all member voting in favor.

The Budget Transfers report is postponed.

Cash transfer approved from General Fund to Joint Jail $127,750. A motion to approve this transfer was made by Magistrate Sammons, seconded by Magistrate Ellis. There was no discussion. The motion passed with all members voting in favor.

Danville City Mayor Mike Perros and former Danville City Manager Ron Scott introduced David Milliron, newly appointed Danville City Manager. Mr. Milliron was welcomed by the court and he briefly spoke about cooperation between city and county and his desire to work with the county government. Judge Hunt and all magistrates expressed gratitude to Ron Scott for his service to our community.

Planning and Zoning Board Appointment for George Coomer to fill the expired term of Dr. David Anderson. This is a four year term expiring 12/31/23. Mr. Coomer thanked the Court for this opportunity to serve. Motion to approve the appointment of Mr. Coomer made by Magistrate Ellis and seconded by Magistrate Sammons. No discussion. The appointment passed with all members voting in favor. Steve Hunter, Director of Planning and Zoning, advised the Court of the recent death of Virgie Johnson. Mrs. Johnson served 34 years with Planning and Zoning and will be deeply missed. Magistrate Ellis asked that today’s meeting be adjourned in honor of Virgie Johnson.

Convention and Tourism Board Appointment of Adam Gray to fill expired term of Shane White. This is a three year term ending 12/31/22. Mr. Gray shared he had long desired to work in the hospitality industry, this appointment to the Convention and Tourism Committee allows him to be involved with local hospitality issues. A Motion to approve Mr. Gray’s appointment to the Tourism board was made by Magistrate Ellis and Seconded by Magistrate Sammons. There being no discussion, the motions passed by unanimous vote.

Resolution in Support of Industrial Hemp presented. Martin Smith of the Hemp Farmers Association detailed the concerns of local hemp growers and the THC 0.3 Federal limit and the State of Kentucky 0.399 limit. Financial institutions are hesitant to make loans with the lean margin of error of these percentages. Kentucky has a long history of growing hemp and hemp has, in the past, had a positive impact on our economy. Magistrate Ellis made a motion to pass this Resolution and Magistrate Gay seconded. Magistrate Ellis reminded everyone of Kentucky’s hemp production having a greater economic benefit than bourbon and horses. No further discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

Bruce Nichols from Boyle-Mercer Helping Hands Association, presented information related to the assistance Helping Hands provides our area. Tommy McGirr, a Helping Hands volunteer, provided the court with brochures and handouts. 289 people were provided aid via Helping Hands in 2019 requiring 124 man hours providing referrals for assistance. Mr. Nichols mentioned a ramp installed by Helping Hands volunteers on a home on John W.D. Bowling Court. This is an example of the assistance provided to those in need. The Court thanked Mr. Nichols for the service provided to the Boyle-Mercer area.

Laura Guerrant, CASA of the Bluegrass, described the service provided to residents in Boyle, Mercer, Anderson and Franklin counties. In 2019 CASA assisted more than 300 abused and/or neglected children. CASA has three offices one in Franklin, Anderson and Boyle County. Ms. Guerrant is located in the Boyle County office.

Resolution Declaring Boyle County a Second Amendment County. Magistrate Ellis read the Resolution aloud to the Court. Changes made as follows: end of paragraph three add “through Kentucky’s Castle Doctrine”’ add the word strike “rights” after “Amendment” paragraph four. End of paragraph four add “prohibiting illegal search and seizure”. Paragraph 5 add “on” after “infringing”. Paragraph six change work deep to deepest, insert Constitutional in front of “rights”, remove the word “all”. Paragraph eight add “our” after “County for”; add “strike” following “Amendment” and add “Bill of Rights” after “United States”. Paragraph nine remove “on” from line three. Paragraph 12: change freedom to freedoms. Motion to approve by Magistrate Ellis, seconded by Magistrate Caywood. Discussion included a short presentation by Dale Knight of a sample resolution. As our resolution, with suggested edits is under consideration, Judge Hunt thanked Mr. Knight for his information and called for a vote on the edited resolution. All Magistrates vote in favor by the raising of their right hands. Motion passed unanimously.

EMA Director Mike Wilder presented two bids for sirens. Local business, Keystone Industrial bid: $49,000 and Federal Signal, Indiana, bid $49,359.20. Magistrate Short made motion to approve Keystone bid, Magistrate Gay seconded. Discussion: Treasurer Mary Conley reminded the Court that a transfer from General Fund to EMA of $19,250 is required. General Fund will be reimbursed via EMA Grant Funds. Keystone bid approved at $49,000. All members voted in favor of accepting the Keystone bid.

Shannon Greene, Human Resources, presented a job description for a Public Works Certified Diesel Mechanic and requested approval to advertise for this same position. Also, Scott Rousey was introduced to the court. Mr. Rousey is transferring from the Detention Center to Public Works effective 1/27/2020. Mr. Rousey thanked the court for the opportunity to join Public Works. Magistrate Sammons made motion to approve job description and posting. Motion seconded by Magistrate Cullen. Unanimous approval of motion.

Building Inspector Rusty Cox present his annual report. 2018 Building Permit Comparison to 2019. Increase in permits issued from 118 to 194 for a net additional revenue in 2019 of $46,978.46. This reflects an updated permit fee schedule as well as additional permit sales. The court thanked Rusty Cox for the information and his service to the County.

Fiscal Court Meeting Schedules and Appointments. Magistrate Gay made a motion to accept the Committee Appointments/Schedule. Seconded by Magistrate Short. Judge Hunt advised the addition of the Census Committee. The magistrates on the Census Committee are Magistrates Gay and Ellis. With the addition of the Census Committee, the Motion was approved. All members voted in favor.

Veteran’s Park Updated Deed of Restriction. County Attorney Chris Herron presented the Deed to the Court. Plat has been surveyed, use dedicated to veterans. This is a 30 year auto renewing agreement. Magistrate Caywood made motion to accept the document, Magistrate Sammons seconded. Vote called to approve Veteran’s Park Updated Deed of Restriction, all magistrates voted in favor. Motion approved.

Magistrate Cullen requested consideration of a First Responder Memorial. Magistrate Sammons, Cullen and Gay all expressed a desire to recognize Nikki the K-9 officer recently lost in the line of duty.

KACO renewal of Ethics Committee insurance. Renewal recommended. Treasurer Mary Conley asked if this was a new process, normally renewals not presented to the Court. Judge Hunt responded this is not a process change and renewals will not be submitted for Court approval. No action taken as none needed.
County Treasurer Mary Conley presented November Financials. She advised the court that the reserves are currently below 2015 levels. Magistrate Sammons asked if the recent increase in the Occupational License Fee would impact our reserves. Ms. Conley reminded the magistrates the revenue from the Occupational Tax will not be reflected in our deposits until late April/May. The county is currently receiving returns dated 12/31/19 which do not reflect the increased rate. Motion to approve November Financials made by Magistrate Cullen, seconded by Magistrate Short. All members voted in favor.

Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottoms presented the County Clerk 2020 Budge and Salary Cap. State fees increased for the first time in 30 years. Motion to approve made by Magistrate Short, seconded by Magistrate Gay. Discussion included Clerk Bottoms providing a few examples of the various fee increases mandated by the State such as Recording of a Deed was $17.00 and is now $50.00. Magistrates voted unanimously to approve the Clerk’s 2020 Budget and salary cap.

Joint Jail Committee Update. Minutes from Boyle and Mercer Joint Jail Committee January 10, 2020, meeting were presented by County Treasurer Mary Conley. Judge Hunt and Mary Conley shared that the cameras at the jail are not recording audio and this is been addressed. Jailer Brian Wofford is recognized for his actions resulting in the University of Kentucky funding $125,000 costs of HIV medicines for our inmate population. Information only. No action taken.

NEW Business

Magistrate Gay reminded the court of the creation of the Census Committee. He requested everyone’s assistance in an accurate census count. Magistrate Gay also shared the many ways the census calculations impact our community via Federal Funds and Grants and State allocations. Magistrate Ellis shared that the census determines our US Congress representation. In the past Kentucky lost a congressional seat due to the Census numbers.

Magistrate Cullen expressed his desire that the County “wet” vote be on the November ballot. The cities within the county are wet but the county is not. This has a detrimental financial impact on county business owners. Magistrate Cullen also request the District “Pulse of the People” public forums be resumed. He also requested today’s meeting be adjourned in honor of Nikki our fallen K-9 officer.

Magistrate Caywood asked that everyone make time to walk through the Constitution Square buildings and offices prior to the Special Called Meeting Thursday January 17, 2020. Walk through 9:00 am, meeting 10:00 in Fiscal Court.

Magistrate Ellis – Requested to host the first “Pulse of the People” district public meeting. Judge Hunt agreed and Magistrate Ellis will schedule a January meeting in District 1.

Magistrate Sammons reminded everyone of the Legislative Day February 20, 2020 in Frankfort and of the KCJEA meeting February 5-7 in Lexington. He also shared with the Court the recent passing of Denise Young, aged 37. Her father, Dennis Preston, was long time band director at Boyle County High School and Denise was BCHS cheerleading coach. Request to adjourn today’s meeting in her memory.

County Attorney Chris Herron invited everyone to attend a Lunch and Learn meeting today noon to one at the Danville Boyle County Health Department. The topic is e-cigarettes.

Judge Hunt discussed the issue of Dead Animal Removal. Effective 1/31/20 the current contract for removal expires, the current contractor is going out of business. The county has in excess of 2,200 dead animals removed from our roads in 2019. The Conservation District, Allen Goggin and Jerry Lyttle are working to find an alternate contractor.

Meeting adjourned in memory and honor of Virgie Johnson, Denise Young and K-9 Officer Nikki.

Respectfully submitted,

Howard P. Hunt III
Boyle County Judge Executive