Boyle County Tax Administrator FAQ

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Tax Administrator FAQ

If your business Is located within the city limits of Danville, the city of Danville requires you to purchase a license for a one-time fee of $25.00. You can access the City of Danville website at and click on "Application Forms" to download instructions and a business license form. Boyle County requests you register your business with the Tax Administrator, but a license is not required. However, if your business is located in Parkville, Perryville, or Junction City, you may need to check their requirements.
If you are working in he County of Boyle or the City of Danville you are required to have a Contractor's License. The fee is $50.00 and is due annually. Make checks payable to: Boyle County Fiscal Court.
No, you must withhold both city and county taxes. Employees working within the city of Danville are subject to the city of Danville AND the Boyle County tax fees.
Quartly returns are due the last day of the following month of Quarter's close.

  • End of 1st Quarter - March 31st, due April 30th.
  • End of 2nd Quarter - June 30th, due July 31st
  • End of 3rd Quarter - September 30th, due October 31st
  • End of 4th Quarter - December 31st, due January 31st.

You can pay Quarterly Withholdings on an annual basis, however you must contact our office prior to doing so to avoid being charged penalty and interest charges.
      Boyle County - 0.75%
      Danville - 1.50%
These rates are calculated on absolute gross wages before any deductions. Absolute Gross wages include, salaries, commissions, and/or any form of remuneration paid by an employer for services performed by an employee.