Boyle-Mercer County Detention Center Study

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This is the FINAL copy of the of the findings of a study of the Boyle-Mercer County Detention Center. This study was conducted by Brandstetter Carroll, Inc. Lexington KY.

Summary of Changes from Draft to Final

Boyle-Mercer Co Study FINAL COPY

Update November 26, 2018: Since the release of this page, there are some revisions to the study that have been submitted by Brandstetter Carroll, Inc. They received some information after they distributed the final report that they felt should be added as an addendum to Chapter 6. This was the only major item. They did go ahead and correct and cleaned up a few minor things in the report, such as a couple of table and chapter references and spellings, etc. This addendum or changes do not change any of the findings or recommendations in the report.

The Revised Pages – Click Here!

Final Revised copy – Click Here!