Fiscal Court Approved Minutes – July 14, 2020

The regular meeting of the Boyle County Fiscal Court was held on the 14th day of July, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. in the Fiscal Courtroom of the Boyle County Courthouse. All members practiced “social distancing” due to COVID19. Meeting was live streamed via our Boyle County Media Channel for the Public. Members present at the meeting were:

Tom Ellis
Ronnie Short
Phil Sammons
Jason Cullen
Jamey Gay
John Caywood
Judge Howard Hunt

Others present at the meeting were, County Attorney Chris Herron, Fiscal Court Clerk Anne Nagy, County Treasurer-Mary Conley, Jailer Brian Wofford, Assistant Treasurer Public Works Director Duane Campbell, EMA Director Mike Wilder, EMS Director Mike Rogers, Joshua Rider, Shannon Greene-HR, Keagan Hinkle, EDP Jody Lassiter, EKU Ethan Witt, Dr. Melissa Newman (EKU) and IT Director Bill Nichols.

Judge Hunt called the meeting to order, Magistrate Gay gave the invocation.

Judge Hunt led the Court in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Judge Hunt presented the minutes from the June 18, 2020 Fiscal Court meeting for consideration. A motion to approve the June 18, 2020, minutes as presented was made by Magistrate Sammons, seconded by Magistrate Cullen. Magistrate Ellis noted on page three related to the Dollar General Store on Mill Street, the word flooding should be recorded rather than “issues”. No further discussion. All members voted in favor of accepting the minutes, with correction, as presented. Judge Hunt also presented the minutes from the June 29, 2020, Special Meeting for consideration. A motion to approve the July 29, 2020 minutes as presented was made by Magistrate Gay, seconded by Magistrate Cullen. No discussion. Motion carriers unanimously.

Assistant Treasurer Laurent Nash presented the Standing Orders $2,027.53; Payroll totaling $278,257.87, Purchase Orders totaling $94,620.49 and Vouchers totaling $368,225.57. Total accounts payable bills $743,131.46. Motion by Magistrate Gay to approve the bills as presented. Seconded by Magistrate Short. No discussion. Motion carries. Payment for election officials for September 28, 2020. A three page list provided. Motion made by Magistrate Sammons to pay election officials and voting sites, seconded by Magistrate Cullen. There was no discussion. Motion carries unanimously.

Budget /Cash Transfers: County Treasurer Mary Conley: There were a few budget transfers I’d like to clarify. You may recall when we prepared our budget any funds anticipated from the CARES Act are not included. CARES is established to assist in unfunded expenditures. As we go through the Fiscal Year all COVID related expenditures are unfunded and will require payment from reserves. You will see those regularly throughout the year. Cash transfer from the General Fund to the Joint Jail Fund in the amount of $177,500.00. Mercer County will be matching their portion of that at 29%. Motion to approve the budget and cash transfers as presented made by Magistrate Sammons, seconded by Magistrate Gay. No discussion. Motion carries unanimously.


Shannon Greene, HR: I’d like to request approval to hire a new Finance Officer Keagan Hinkle effective August 3, 2020 at $32,380/year. Motion to approve this hire made by Magistrate Gay, seconded by Magistrate Short. Magistrate Sammons asked several questions of Mr. Hinkle. Mr. Hinkle described his work history. Magistrate Caywood reminded the Court that the Personnel Committee agreed with this hire. No further discussion. Motion carries unanimously. Shannon Greene next presented a request for approval of special leave for Sarah Proffitt a deputy at the Jail. She is a new employee and has exhausted her accumulated leave balances. The Personnel Committee reviewed this request and approved it. Motion to approve this leave made by Magistrate Cullen, seconded by Magistrate Short. No discussion. All Magistrates voted in favor approving this special leave. Finally, salary increase for EMA Director. This was approved last fiscal year for this fiscal year’s budget with an effective date of July 1, 2020. Motion made by Magistrate Gay to approve increase, seconded by Magistrate Caywood. No discussion. Motion carries. .

Jailer Wofford: Boiler Repair Estimates vs Replacement. Jailer Wofford provided a handout for the fiscal year totals. The boiler did pass inspection a couple of weeks ago. The water is hard leaving sediment in the boiler which is costing more to heat the water. Sellers Engineering no longer offer the acid wash cleanout and referred us to a firm in Lexington. This firm has not made an inspection yet. Jailer Wofford announced he will no longer be participating in the Joint Jail Committee. I’ve discussed this with the County Attorney and this opens me and the Fiscal Court up to lawsuits. I have provided the Court with a list of reasons I will not participate with the Joint Jail Committee. I do suggest that the Fiscal Court look at revising the Contract with Mercer County. County Attorney Herron stated that he had reviewed the Joint Jail Agreement extensively and it is a dated agreement, at least 22 years old. Mr. Herron stated the Agreement seems to try to mimic a Regional Jail which we are not. Magistrate Sammons would like to see us try operating with Mercer County being a customer (per diem) rather than as a Partner. Magistrate Ellis, as a member of the Jail Committee, agreed with Magistrate Sammons. Judge Hunt requested that a discussion on how to begin a transitional opportunity originate from the Jail Committee, Jailer Wofford, Judge Dedman (Mercer) and myself. Jailer Wofford advised that inmates are still not available to work where there is interaction with the public but can work with mowing and other activities that allow for distancing from the community.

EMS, Mike Rogers: Consider of the Power Load System from Stryker. Angela is here and Chris to describe the system. The system docks to the back of an ambulance and eliminates contact with patients in the area of the patient’s head which is where COVID19 is more likely to be spread. This is definitely part of preparedness, prevention and response. There are other legitimate benefits for reducing work injuries but the main purpose of this system is the COVID protection. Keeping the patient safe as well as our employees. Where multiple employees would be needed to lift a patient into the ambulance, using the Power Load System one employee could perform this alone. This minimizes the possibility of COVID exposure for the patient and employee. The proposal presented includes service agreements which normally is included in CARES reimbursement. Nothing is certain but this has been paid in the past. EMS Director Rogers shared that the State inspects the vehicle for operation not the patient equipment. Discussion continued on the features of the equipment. Treasurer Conley described the CARES Act Funding covers the product because of the limiting exposure to COVID19. Motion made by Magistrate Ellis to give the EMS Committee and Judge Executive the authority to move forward on a contract upon receipt of all figures for existing equipment, seconded by Magistrate Sammons. No further discussion. Magistrates voted unanimously in favor of motion. Mike Rogers requested approval of two part time hires. He introduced Joshua Rider, PT EMT, $12.00/hour pay, start date effective immediately and mentioned Matt White is on duty today. Matt White, PT Paramedic, $15.00/hour, start date immediately. Motion by Magistrate Gay to approve both part time hires, seconded by Magistrate Short. No discussion. Motion carries. Director Rogers presented estimate on transmission repair for EC3. A&M Diesel, LLC is the only bid $3,940.88. They have done work for us in the past and we have been pleased with the result. Discussion related to transmissions and warranties continue. Magistrate Cullen made motion to approve bid, seconded by Magistrate Sammons. Motion carries. Director Rogers introduced recommendation of new billing rates for 2020. This is a routine event. Motion to approve new billing rates effective August 1, 2020, made by Magistrate Cullen, seconded by Magistrate Caywood. Discussion of billing rates compared to Lexington. All Magistrates voted in favor. Magistrate Ellis suggested media cover the installation of the Stryker equipment so our taxpayers may see how their taxes are being spent for everyone’s benefit.

Discussion of Airport Expansion Jody Lassister and Ethan Witt: Jody Lassiter (EDP) and Ethan Witt (EKU) shared with the Court the potential expansion of the airport. This may include a building that could house the EKU Aircraft Maintenance Technician Program. There is a grant application in process. We have several letters of support for this grant and possible expansion. The Asset Development will be integral for the improvements of the airport. Jody Lassiter stated EDA Funds have been applied for via the CARES Act to assist our community to thrive after the Pandemic. This is a joint project with Lincoln County, BGADD, EKU and Boyle County. We are waiting to finalize the exact funds we request. Mr. Lassiter described the application process and the cycle of funding along with the positive aspects of our project with this grant fund. Mr. Witt introduced Dr. Melissa Newman, EKU grant writer. Mr. Witt says EKU trains a large number of pilots and we want to add air craft maintenance. Magistrate Ellis stated how lucrative an aircraft maintenance technician career is. Magistrate Cullen complimented the work of Jamee Peyton in bringing aviation programs to high school students which assists with workforce ready community. Dr. Nelson responded to the partnership with community colleges in the area. We are a partner with BCTC. Judge Hunt advised that there will come a time where we need to set aside matching funds of $30,000. Magistrate Caywood asked Jody if this airport project attracts people wishing to relocate from the Northeast. Are we opening the door to marketing in these areas? Mr. Lassiter advised many metropolitan areas are looking at areas such as ours. We are reaching out and marketing “Boldly Resilient” as we work through the Pandemic among other things we are doing that offers an improved quality of life. Magistrate Ellis mentioned the differences in real estate values in other areas vs central Kentucky. Magistrate Cullen shared that this opportunity in aviation will benefit our area community and businesses. Treasurer Conley requested authorization from the Fiscal Court to earmark this money. Motion made by Magistrate Gay, seconded by Magistrate Short, to approve line item budget $30,000 for asset development. Motion carries.

Consider Amendment of McKinney Cleaning Contract: Judge Hunt described contract amendment beginning July 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020. The Amendment provides additional cleaning services at Constitution Square. We also need to approve his Annual Contract, it ends July 31, 2020. We can extend contract, at the same rate, an additional year. Motion by Magistrate Cullen to approve contract extension, seconded by Magistrate Sammons. No discussion. Motion carries. The Amendment is for additional COVID19 cleaning at Constitution Square. Magistrate Sammons made Motion to approve the Amendment to Larry McKinney’s Cleaning Contract, seconded by Magistrate Cullen. No discussion. All voted in favor, motion carries unanimously.

Sheriff Robbins – Request Approval to Surplus SO Cruisers 2010-12 and Presentation of Audit of Sheriff’s Settlement: Presentation of Audit of Sheriff’s Settlement to Fiscal Court. No negative findings on the audit. This is for information only. Sheriff Robbins has a couple of old cruisers each with over 200,000 miles on them. Both Dodges a 2010 and a 2012. Nicholas County, a small county, has expressed interest in these two vehicles. Motion to Surplus both vehicles and offer them to Nicholas County made by Magistrate Cullen, seconded by Magistrate Sammons. Discussion ensued to allow Nicholas County to purchase the cars or offer them at no cost. All members voted in favor, motion carries. Magistrate Caywood brought up the subject of body cameras for our department. These seem to be important to protect our department and community. Sheriff Robbins is in favor of body cameras. The cameras help build public trust and protect us from false accusations. We have seen several types of cameras. Sheriff Robbins discussed the best options of some of the products available. Judge Hunt asked if we could discuss this at our August 1st Court meeting. The cameras require maintenance on a monthly basis. It’s not just purchase and use. The cameras are for those working on the road. The Courthouse has enough cameras for Court Security officers. Magistrate Caywood asked County Attorney Herron if these cameras would be helpful to him. Mr. Herron said cameras would be a benefit for transparency and accountability. Further discussion continued related to “mic cameras” that are in storage and seldom utilized.

Consider Flex Projects, Duane Campbell: A list of projects we are proposing and also a list of projects that have been approved is provided. LGEA projects have already been approved and given to Allen Company. They will schedule these projects. If the other proposal, five roads, is approved, the forms will need to be sent to Frankfort and we begin scheduling when forms are returned from Frankfort. Magistrate Gay made motion to approve Flex Projects, seconded by Magistrate Short. No discussion. Motion carries unanimously.

Request to Bid Resurfacing Projects, Duane Campbell: We have a bid for asphalt in place for $84.30/ton. Motion to accept bid made by Magistrate Short, seconded by Magistrate Sammons. No further discussion. Motion carries unanimously. Duane expressed appreciation of the Garden Club for the flowers at Constitution Square and the work by James in maintaining them. Additional, the DAR ladies cleaned out the cabins at Constitution Square. They did a wonderful job. Mowing contractors are in the area, they are mowing ten foot strip. Duane is having to ask the State to mow wider for better driving conditions. Magistrate Sammons asked if Public Works would look at the Veteran’s monument in front of the Courthouse. It needs some cleaning up and landscaping.

Treasurer Conley: Presentation of May Financial Statement. Also Constitution Square. The CVB information is also included. This is information only.


Magistrate Ellis: Regarding the Parksville Dollar General Store. In site preparation, apparently there may not have been due diligence in the flooding of that triangular site. Flooding has increased due to construction of this building. I have not heard from their engineering firm. Magistrate Ellis asked about any paperwork needed for Forkland and Perryville accepting playground equipment. Lastly, taxing district law changes take effect tomorrow. Also, our area may benefit from the exodus of law enforcement from metropolitan areas. We would like to have the opportunity to determine if the county should allow alcohol sales.

Magistrate Short: No new business.

Magistrate Sammons: No new business.

Magistrate Cullen: No new business.

Magistrate Gay: No new business.

Magistrate Caywood: The Constitution Square Rental Agreement. Has the document been reviewed by the County Attorney? Mr. Herron stated he has seen the document. Non-profit groups may want to use the park but must have insurance. The Garden Club was going to pay someone to come and education on care of trees, etc. Treasurer Conley reminded the Court that the Fiscal Court already approved this Rental Agreement. Magistrate Caywood asked that this document be reviewed. A copy will be sent to each Magistrate and this be placed on the July 28th Fiscal Court Agenda.

Judge Hunt: We have a few nominations for the Library Board and The Fire Protection Board. I will send these to all the Magistrates and list my recommendation. Please provide feedback and we will vote on appointments at the next Fiscal Court meeting. The Proclamation for Dr. Roush has not been delivered. Regarding Constitution Square, I would like to see the old stockade returned to the park. It is a great photo opportunity, kids love it and it is historical correct. The flag with 15 stripes and 15 stars at Constitution Square. Kentucky was the 15th state admitted to the Union and this is the same flag that flew over Fort McHenry when the Star Spangled Banner was written. It would be nice to fly the 15 star and 15 stripe flag at the Park, on a separate pole. We will obtain quotes on these items and DAR has committed to purchasing the flag. I have requests from Magistrates that we proceed looking for additional space at KSD that does not include Walker Hall.

County Attorney Chris Herron: Suggestion that the Review Board be moved into the Ethics Committee. We need to expand the duties of the Ethics Board to include Sexual Harassment and review of the Sheriff’s Department.

Treasurer Conley: I need committee minutes with signatures. Jason and John are willing to sign the documents.

Motion to adjourn made by Magistrate Sammons, seconded by Magistrate Gay. Motion carries unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Howard P. Hunt III
Boyle County Judge Executive