Fiscal Court Approved Minutes – June 29, 2020

The Special Called Meeting of the Boyle County Fiscal Court was held on the 29th day of June, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. Meeting livestreamed on You Tube. Members present at the meeting were:

John Caywood
Jason Cullen
Tom Ellis
Jamey Gay
Judge Howard Hunt
Phil Sammons
Ronnie Short

Others present at the meeting were, Fiscal Court Clerk Anne Nagy, County Treasurer Mary Conley, Public Works Director Duane Campbell, Assistant Treasurer Laurent Nash and Information Technology Director Bill Nichols.

Judge Hunt called the Special Called Meeting of the Fiscal Court to order. The purpose of today’s meeting is the Second Reading of the 2020-2021 Annual Budget of the Boyle County Fiscal Court. Also, the presentation of bills, Budget and Cash Transfers. Let’s begin with presentation of the bills.

Assistant Treasurer Laurent Nash: Payroll totals $292,418.79. POs and Vouchers total $361,722.28 for a grand total of $654,141.07. Motion to approve the bills as presented made by Magistrate Sammons, seconded by Magistrate Gay. No discussion. Motion carries unanimously.

Treasurer Mary Conley: Budget and Cash Transfers: Budget transfers were circulated to everyone. These were made to balance our budget. We have no Cash Transfers at this time. I would like to delete a General Fund Public Works $69,000 transfer previously discussed but will not be needed. Motion to delete the $69,000 transfer made by Magistrate Gay, seconded by Magistrate Short. No discussion. Motion carries.

Treasurer Conley: Presented the 2nd Reading of the 2020-2021 Annual Budget: Motion made by Magistrate Sammons to approve Budget as presented, seconded by Magistrate Gay. No discussion. All magistrates voted in favor of approving the Budget.

Motion by Magistrate Sammons to adjourn, seconded by Magistrate Gay. Motion carries.Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Howard P. Hunt III
Boyle County Judge Executive