Fiscal Court Approved Minutes – May 19, 2020

The Special Called Meeting of the Boyle County Fiscal Court was held on the 19th day of May, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. Meeting held electronically via “Go-to-Meeting” and livestreamed on You Tube. Members present at the meeting were:

John Caywood
Jason Cullen
Tom Ellis
Jamey Gay
Judge Howard Hunt
Phil Sammons
Ronnie Short

Others present at the meeting were, Fiscal Court Clerk Anne Nagy, County Treasurer Mary Conley, Animal Control James Goode, Public Works Director Duane Campbell, Solid Waste Coordinator Angie Muncy, Building Inspector Rusty Cox and Information Technology Director Bill Nichols.

Judge Hunt called the Special Called Meeting of the Fiscal Court to order. We have budget workshops for Animal Control, Building Inspector, Constitution Square Park, Information Technology, Soil Conservation Department and General Budget. Everyone should have individual budget workshop notes for each department, prepared by County Treasurer Mary Conley and our budget sheets.

Treasurer Conley: Building Inspector Budget Workshop Notes. Page seven of the Budget Sheet. Building Inspection starts with the 5115 number. From 2013 Contractors Licenses, Building Inspection in Danville and Building Inspection for Boyle County. In the past, the City and County each had a Building Inspector. We consolidated the offices and we began collecting the City business licenses. The rate increase is reflected in the 2019 budget. We need to collect Contractors Licenses from all Contractors or not at all. We need to review the processes for collection of Contractor Licenses. The Occupation Tax office is printing off the names of Contractors and passing them on to the Building Inspector. Mr. Cox suggested no permits would be issued until the General Contractor provides documentation of all subcontractors having a current Contractors License. If they are aware this is required prior to a permit being issued. Judge Hunt mentioned that Mr. Cox and he had discussed sending notices to Contractors to apply for renewal or new licenses. We need to play catch up until the process of denying permits is in place. Mr. Cox expressed concern that notices would likely be ignored and asked how effective such a letter would be. Treasurer Conley stated the Tax Administrator’s office has considerable success with sending letters requesting payment of the license. Treasurer Conley continued detailing the increased revenue represented in the 2020 fiscal year. New Equipment this year, we purchased software to bill for Contractors Licenses. Magistrate Gay asked about the current activity level since March, 2020. Mr. Cox expected this year to be a good one. Construction has continued in spite of COVID19. Currently, 60 permits issued in less than half a year. Magistrate Caywood asked about the implementation of the permit withheld until Contractor Licenses are issued. Mr. Cox stated it would be procedural not via an Ordinance. Mr. Cox said he would pursue outstanding Contactor Licenses as we implement Permit withholding. Building Inspector can issue a stop work order to enforce. Magistrate Caywood made motion to implement Contractor license required to obtain building permits as soon as possible. Seconded by Magistrate Cullen. No discussion. Motion carries.

Animal Control Budget Workshop: James Goode: Treasurer Conley – refer to page 8, toward the bottom with the 5205 account numbers. Everyone should have Animal Control Notes and the Budget. The expenses are slowly inching up. First, the collection of dog licenses is the only revenue of the shelter. Mainly, these are sold via adoption of dogs rather than from dog owners. This is all voluntary. Magistrate Ellis asked if we could have veterinarian offices assist us in collection of dog license fees? Treasurer Conley shared that, in the past, we did have this process. The internal control was difficult. Issuing certain numbers to specific offices and then Animal Control had to collect from each office. It was an ordeal, the veterinarians asked to no longer be responsible for issuing licenses. Expenses: the salary line items were detailed by Treasurer Conley. The Warden and Deputy Warden, Janitorial and Manager are broken out. We currently have a $2,500 grant for spay/neuter program and we have to match. I don’t know when this will be disbursed. I’d like to increase next year’s budget by $2,500 assuming we receive the grant during our next Fiscal Year. This will decrease the 19/20 Projection by $2,500. We match each of these grants $2,500 each for a total of $5,000 grant and $5,000 match. Motion by Magistrate Gay to increase 20/21 4510-00 budget revenue by $2,500 for grant application. Decrease 19/20 5205-0384 Projection by $2,500 and carry over to 20/21 for a total of $10,000 for 2 years of grant distributions. Seconded by Magistrate Short. No discussion. Motion carries unanimously. Treasurer Conley continued with Kennel supplies. We had a large expenditure for the abandoned horse incident. Animal Control received a $1,500 grant from KACo as a Worker’s Compensation Safety Allocation. Bite Gloves, Cat Tongs, Bites Sticks, and Freeman Nets to be purchased with the safety grant. Magistrate Ellis asked the cost of tranquilizer cartridges and how often have they been used? Mr. Goode stated it had been used twice in a year. He will look up the cost of the cartridges and get back with the Court. Magistrate Cullen asked what become of the excess donations for the horse abandonment issue. James Goode is under the impression that this was placed in an Equine Fund. He will verify that the donations did stay with the horses by checking with John Turner.

Constitution Square Park Budget Workshop: Treasurer Conley directed everyone to page ten. 5405 numbers; and the Workshop Notes. Duane Campbell, Public Works, is available to address issues or concerns related to the Park. Treasurer Conley spoke to the Constitution Square Endowment; 5% of the Endowment Fund goes to the Grant account and is available for the Court to draw on annually. Treasurer Conley asked Mr. Campbell when she would request funds for a cabin roof. Direction is needed from the Court for the Treasurer to request a draw of $32,000 in December 2020. Mr. Campbell has a quote to replace a roof is $21,000+. Magistrate Caywood asked what the roof material is and why the price tripled in less than a year. Mr. Campbell said the cost of materials, a shake roof, is the cause of the cost increase. Magistrate Ellis stated other historic sites have used synthetic concrete roofing that resembles shakes roofing. Duane Campbell shared he must ask the Heritage Council at State level what is required for our improvements. The Heritage Council insisted brick sidewalks, we could not use other materials. Magistrate Caywood asked is there a recommendation from the Committee? Judge Hunt informed the Court that Steve Knight, Birthplace of Kentucky Committee, will attend Thursday’s Fiscal Court meeting to address this issue. The Court needs to direct the Treasurer regarding draws from the Endowment. Ms. Conley stated we are adding $4,500-$5,000 to the Endowment annually. If we use the full $32,000 future years will only have $5,000 draws available until it grows in time. Discussion included prioritizing brickwork, roofing and any other projects for the Park. The cost estimate on the brickwork is $48,000. Mr. Campbell stated we do not have any leaks in the roofs at this time. Grayson’s Tavern needs window repair. Magistrate Cullen asked if other options were available rather than brickwork. Per Mr. Campbell, the Heritage Council dictates the materials as part of our contract with the State when we accepted the Park. Stamping concrete to look like brick is not allowed by the Heritage Council. Magistrate Gay mentioned a contractor is working behind Old Centre doing brickwork in sand. Mr. Campbell will visit the site and look at the work. Magistrate Caywood suggested some rules may be more flexible now as times are so different now. Judge Hunt offered to go to Frankfort with Duane Campbell to visit the Heritage Council and ask for options. Magistrate Gay suggested sidewalks be prioritized over the roofing due to liability issues. A representative from Birthplace of Kentucky will attend Thursday’s Fiscal Court meeting. Magistrate Cullen asked if the brick stored at the Perryville Convenience Center would be usable for this work. Magistrate Ellis stated these are pavers and unlikely to be approved for use by Heritage Council. Magistrate Gay asked for education and feedback from the Louisville Constitution Square Endowment Fund which administers this Fund. Treasurer Conley suggested this be set up following the Budget but not in the near future. Magistrate Caywood expressed thanks to Duane Campbell for repairing the brick corner, it looks very nice. Treasurer Conley returned to line item detail of expenses. The Garden Club of Danville has volunteered to plant the flowers at Constitution Square. The weather has delayed the planting. James Ross will maintain the garden once planted.

Information Technology Budget Workshop: Bill Nichols, Director IT. Treasurer Conley: we are now on page six of the Budget and Worksheet notes account number 5057. There are no revenue items for this department. We added this Department about six years ago. We are glad to have Bill Nichols with us. Ms. Conley detailed expenses of Information Technology, an inventory list of equipment, disaster recovery plan, security, electronic media usage and Protection of Personal Information Policy. IT suggests a Social Media Policy is needed. Bill completed a flowchart of local area networks. Judge Hunt noted that KACo reviewed our systems and we discovered we are far ahead of many other counties. Firewalls were completed in 2019. Mr. Nichols shared KACo did recommend Ethernet wiring needed updating, getting wiring to come to one location. Treasurer Conley returned to line item detail of the IT 19/20 and 20/21 Budget. Mr. Nichols is allowed to drive a vehicle offsite each evening, not home. Mr. Nichols explained that he is called out late at night, if he needs equipment from the car he would have to come into the Courthouse but by having the car closer to his home, a parking lot which is on the way into Danville. The car is across from Boyle County High School is under video surveillance. This expedites the time to get to a call, especially the Detention Center. Motion by Magistrate Gay to give direction to Payroll Officer to track usage and IRS guidelines for IT Department to take vehicle offsite parked in an appropriate location. Seconded by Magistrate Short. No further discussion. Motion carries unanimously. Magistrate Caywood requested an update on Kentucky Wired and would pulling wire assist if/when we replace our phone system. Mr. Nichols stated Kentucky Wired made the connection down to the box in December, it has not been turned on yet, and the fiber has been connected and run. Regarding wiring, we will have to do that no matter what course we take when we update the phone system. Treasurer Conley will have additional issues for IT in our General Fund.

Soil Conservation Department 20/21 Budget Workshop: Treasurer Conley: Page 16 of Budget and Workshop Notes. Account number 5235 which is a new department. The $40,000 has been requested from the Soil Conservation District. The 20/21 Revenue is set at $70,000 which will be requested in March of 20/21. The salary includes benefits. Ms. Conley detailed the expense line items for 20/21 budget. Soil Conversation encompassed Dead Animal Removal. Magistrate Cullen stated according to the Boyle County Soil & Water Conservation District online, according to the financial information for 2019 year-end actuals they had $272,125.28. Magistrate Cullen detailed additional financial information of the Conservation District. Judge Hunt stated the District pays for all services the County are providing for them. Treasurer Conley explained the District offsets our expenses by paying $70,000 to the County per year. Ms. Conley will do a reconciliation annually to be certain the County is not footing this bill. The Conservation District and Court should be in communication related to District meetings via meeting dates and meeting minutes. Judge Hunt stated Allen Goggin is addressing this concerns with the Conservation District audit. Discussion amongst the Court members related to reporting requirements of Conservation District. Mr. Goggin will be updating Judge Hunt on their audits and financial records. Angie Muncy, Solid Waste Coordinator, stated the State performs the Conservation District Audit.

General Fund Budget Workshop: Ms. Conley stated start on page one of your budget which is Revenue. As we review, please ask questions at any time. The Treasurer detailed the line item detail of Revenue. There is a reduction reflected due to the COVID19 Pandemic. Net Deposit Tax is a tax the County Treasurer bills to each of the local banks in Boyle County. Tax assessed in based upon Net Deposits. Occupational Tax 20/21 increased 66% and then reduced by 25% due to COVID19 decline. Net Profits were also decreased 25%. We are holding estimated payments until a tax return is filed so we know exactly what is due. Treasurer Conley detailed Excess Fees from the County Clerk and the Sheriff. The County Clerk will be accepting the responsibility of her office staff’s benefits. The Occupation Tax and Net Profit returns will continue to be a joint form but filing separately because the City is taking over their Net Profit and withholding funds. Cable Franchise Agreement is collected by the State and then turned over to us. Treasurer Conley continued relaying information via line item detail. Space rent by AOC reduced 50% dropped to $16,000. Ms. Conley explained projects for 19/20 and projected work in 20/21, particularly public restroom updates. Court Facility Fees are earmarked for the repair and maintenance of the building and the State does monitor these funds. McDowell House rent reduced $1,500 in return for making park reservations. Motion by Magistrate Ellis, seconded by Magistrate Gay, no discussion. Motion carries. KACo has announced that they are going to issue a 20/21 dividend $18,596 for Boyle County. Motion by Magistrate Short to accept the KACo Worker’s Compensation (from 2007-2008) dividend $18,596, seconded Magistrate Caywood. No discussion. Motion carried unanimously. Treasurer returned to detailed line item descriptions. New bottom line Revenue total is $8,631,482.00. Surplus, if you approve all I’ve asked the total carry over will be $3,351,000.00. Transfers Out $3,235,000 has been reduced to $3,152,825 which is due primarily to Public Works. The Trail Grant Fund still owes the General Fund $50,000 but it allows for additional upfront costs of $100,000 total. The Grant was started in 2017 we are still in Phase 1. These Trail Grants come in compartmentalized contractual agreements, we are still in the design Phase. They still owe us money from February, it is now May and we do not have payment. Moving into the General Fund Expenses. We have a lot of basic departmental salary groupings, all based on 3% increase in January. Treasurer Conley requested a motion to correct our carry over $6,761.86, I failed to list Mr. Pankey’s actual salary in the project forward. Motion by Magistrate Gay to correct $6,761.86, seconded by Magistrate Short. Motion carries unanimously. The first department is County Judge, then County Attorney. Ms. Conley continued with expense line item detail. A new item this year is Reapportionment Committee every ten years they will work with Bluegrass ADD with 2020 Census results. The Fiscal Court appoints the Reapportionment Committee. The Treasurer’s office expenses listed, the Payroll Officer, Tax Administrator, Tax Administrator Assistant and Tax Administrator Assistant providing detailed reporting to EDP for employer’s coming in and out of Boyle County. The Unemployment figure needs to be corrected from $2.00 to $200.00. Motion made by Magistrate Gay, seconded by Magistrate Gay. Motion carries. Additional detail shared. 2020 general election this year, no election in 2021. Treasurer suggested the Court consider halving the election budget due to no election in 2021 to $49,565 and reduce the $15,000 to $7,500. Magistrate Gay made motion to reduce budgeted election expense by half, seconded by Magistrate Caywood. No discussion. Motion passes unanimously. Treasurer Conley stated the County Clerk requested purchase of new voting machines. The Finance Committee determined the best course would be postponing this purchase. In Economic Development there are ED industrial incentives, Pitman Creek, Meggit and Transnav. Ms. Conley requested the Court consider moving $30,000 from the saved election expenses, we could move some funds for asset development. Motion made by Magistrate Gay to add $30,000 back in to Asset Development, seconded by Magistrate Short. This is not an allocation to EDP this is General Fund account. The Court would determine, when and/or if an incentive is to be allocated from this line item. Magistrate Cullen asked about Pitman Creek being annexed into the City. The Treasurer had already addressed this with the City. Motion passes unanimously. Ms. Conley now shared Courthouse expenditures this year and those projected for 2021. Second Floor storm windows, rook leak line item, bathroom renovation, brick tucking. We need to prioritize. This does not include the exterior grounds of the Courthouse. In theory these expenses are shared with the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). We have postponed the updating of our phone system. A payroll timekeeping system for $22,000 is included in the 2021 budget. The Finance and Personnel Committees and each Department Head agreed that this timekeeping system is appropriate and needed. This software does integrate with our payroll system. Moving ahead to the plumbing costs which included our water leak in the parking lot. We are now on new office equipment we need to add COVID19 streaming equipment by $7,000. Motion to add $7,000 carry over made by Magistrate Gay, seconded by Magistrate Short. No discussion, motion passes unanimously. Treasurer Conley stated County Judge needs a new computer and docking station. Additionally, the Treasurer needs a new computer which is approximately ten years old. Five additional computers needs for various offices. Magistrate Sammons made a Motion to purchase computers for the Judge and Treasurer Computers immediately, seconded by Magistrate Ellis. Motion carries. Ms. Conley expressed thanks to the Court but says likely to wait until new fiscal year to make purchase. Information Technology Director, Bill Nichols, will seek bids for this equipment. The Finance Committee delayed the purchase of a new phone systems, Office 365 and tablets for the Magistrates. Forest Fire Protection we aid in that funding computed by Census and the Public Defender. We have a small grouping of 5401 accounts for White’s Park bathrooms, playground equipment and Shelter. Last year we purchased a $20,000 piece of playground equipment which has not been assembled and is stored at Public Works. We deferred putting it up because it seems the City may be taking over this park. This was intended to replace the existing playground in White’s Park. Junction City and Perryville magistrates both offered to find location for this equipment. County still own 3.2 acres at White’s Park which is not devoted to the Veteran’s Park. Magistrate Caywood brought up concern about the age of the old playground equipment and if there might be a liability to be made aware of, perhaps the equipment should be removed without being replaced. Judge Hunt shared a conversation he had with Mr. Bell related to the condition of the existing playground equipment. Mr. Bell mentioned sharp edges and metal slide possibly being hot enough to be a burn hazard. Magistrate Ellis agreed to bring up the matter of the playground equipment with Mr. Bell during a meeting scheduled for tomorrow. Treasurer Conley continued. The pool is not open this year and our agreement with the City states that we do not pay if it is not in use. Motion made by Magistrate Gay, seconded by Magistrate Cullen to reduce contribution to pool at Bunny Davis Recreation Center. No discussion. Motion passed unanimously. We are now on page eight, County appropriation to the City of Danville for July fireworks is flat $5,000. We will not exceed that amount. Magistrates expressed concern that the location of the fireworks are too close to the Animal Shelter. Magistrate Cullen asked about the Great American Brass Band Festival. The GABBF requested $10,000 in March or February. The event has been moved to July as a one day event. GABBF has made another appropriation request for June of 2021. Treasurer Conley continued line item detail. Magistrate Cullen asked if we needed to use the Herald Leader vs. Danville Advocate Messenger. Per Ms. Conley, counties are using local papers since it does cover our area. Magistrate Ellis agreed that use of local paper for advertisements, announcements, classifieds etc. The legislature needs to address the issue for smaller communities. The larger newspapers do not meet our constituents. Treasurer Conley stated she will have a final budget in your boxes and emailed to you by tomorrow. Please review this very closely. Everything I am reading talks about a short term shortfall approximately 2 years to rebound. Treasurer Conley requested copy for Courthouse Equipment $8,000. Motion by Magistrate Gay to approve this line item $8,000 for Courthouse copier, seconded by Magistrate Short. No discussion. Motion passes unanimously.

Judge Hunt announced we will all meet in the District Courtroom, third floor, with social distancing on Thursday May 21, 2020 at 9:00am. Any presenters will be attend via Go-to-Meeting and the meeting will be livestreamed for the public.

Motion by Magistrate Ellis to adjourn in honor of our County professional distinguished health service technicians, seconded by Magistrate Caywood adjourn. Magistrates all voted in favor.
Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Howard P. Hunt III
Boyle County Judge Executive