Fiscal Court Approved Minutes – May 21, 2020

The regular meeting of the Boyle County Fiscal Court was held on the 21st day of May, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. in the District Court Room of the Boyle County Courthouse. All members practiced social distancing and presenters appeared before the Court via “Go-To-Meeting” due to COVID19. Meeting was livestreamed for the Public. Members present at the meeting were:

John Caywood
Jason Cullen
Tom Ellis
Jamey Gay
Judge Howard Hunt
Ronnie Short
Phil Sammons

Others present at the meeting were, Fiscal Court Clerk Anne Nagy, County Treasurer-Mary Conley, Sheriff Derek Robbins and IT Director Bill Nichols. Electronically present: Asst.-Treasurer-Laurent Nash, County Attorney Chris Herron, Solid Waste Coordinator Angie Muncy, County Engineer Duane Campbell, Steve Knight of Birthplace of Kentucky Committee, and Jody Lassiter of EDP.

Judge Hunt called the meeting to order and Magistrate Tom Ellis gave the invocation.

Judge Hunt led the Court in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Judge Hunt presented the minutes from the May 12, 2020, Fiscal Court meeting for consideration. A motion to approve the May 12, 2020, minutes as presented was made by Magistrate Sammons, seconded by Magistrate Gay. No discussion. All members voted in favor of accepting the minutes as presented.

Assistant Treasurer Laurent Nash presented the Payroll totaling $288,486.61, Purchase Orders totaling $152,309.27. Total accounts payable bills $440,795.29. Motion by Magistrate Gay to approve the bills as presented. Seconded by Magistrate Short. There was no discussion. The motion carries.

Budget /Cash Transfers: County Treasurer Mary Conley: I have circulated budget transfers via email this morning and on paper. I am always available to go over these in detail. If there are no questions, I would appreciate approval of the budget transfers. Motion to approve budget transfers made by Magistrate Gay, seconded by Magistrate Short. No discussion. Motion carries. Cash transfer – none. .

Consent Calendar:

Judge Hunt: Proclamation of National Garden Week June 7-13, 2020 in Boyle County. Judge Hunt read the Proclamation aloud. This is the 85th anniversary of the Garden Club of Danville. The FFA flowers were planted this week by the Garden Club and we express deep appreciation to them for their efforts.

Review of Budget Appropriation Requests: We will review the list from top to bottom: Treasurer Conley informed the Court that two applications were received after filing deadline. Judge Hunt reminded the Court how unusual this year is with the Pandemic impacting our revenue. Please consider this situation as we review these agency requests. Magistrate Cullen asked if we approve amounts when checks would be issued. Treasurer Conley stated the checks are issued throughout the year. Agencies will have difficulty planning if they do not know the appropriation approved by the Court. Magistrates and Judge stated all agencies are important and any decisions are fiscal decisions not reflective of importance of the services provided. Additionally if revenue increases we will reconsider these appropriations. Judge Hunt stated this year everyone needs to have skin in the game along with the County. We are hurting like everyone else is.

Nursing Home Ombudsman Requested $2,900. Court approved $2,000 unanimously.

Child Development Center Requested $20,000. Court approved $18,000 by unanimous vote.

CASA of the Bluegrass Requested $4,000. Court approved $0.00. Discussion. Figures of zero and $1,500 offered. Roll call vote taken: Zero: Yes: Magistrate Short, Gay, Cullen, and Sammons. No: Magistrate Ellis and Caywood. Motion carries.

Family Services Requested $19,000. Court approved $18,000. Roll call vote taken: $18,000 Yes: Magistrate Sammons, Ellis, Caywood, Short and Gay. No: Magistrate Cullen. Motion carries.

Helping Hands Requested $7,000. Court approved $1,000. Magistrate Sammons stated organization is in the black. The Treasurer did not receive any financial information from organization. Vote: Sammons abstention, Magistrate Gay and Cullen vote No, Magistrates Ellis, Caywood, Short voted Yes $1,000. Motion carries

D/BC Happy Feet=Learning Requested $1,800. Court approved $1,000. Roll call vote Yes: unanimous, carries.

Community Action Partnership Requested $1,000. Court unanimously approved $0.00.

Senior Citizens Requested $75,000. Court approved $67,500. Treasurer referred to appropriations request stated funds would be used for part time salaries. Magistrate Gay proposed $67,500 which is 10% cut. Voting Yes: Magistrates Ellis, Gay, Caywood and Short. Motion carries.

The Arts Commission Requested $2,000. Court approved $0.00 by unanimous vote.

Main Street Perryville Requested $40,215. Court approved $28,000. There was spirited discussion amongst the Magistrates related to the responsibility of the Court to fund the Main Street Program as this is similar to Heart of Danville which we do not fund in such a manner. Magistrate Ellis detailed the volunteer hours at the State Fair booth, the duties and responsibilities of the program and the asset the program is to Perryville and Boyle County. The appropriation is specifically for Ms. Goode’s salary per the Treasurer. Magistrate Cullen reminded the Court that the employee is not employed by the County but by the City of Perryville. Perryville donates $1,000. Treasurer Conley asked if it would be appropriate for Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) to pay this salary as it is related to tourism. The community already pays the CVB for tourism which the CVB has assistants who could include Perryville or any other part of the County. Magistrate Gay said he stated last year he is a believer in Main Street programs but this salary needs to be halved. Judge Hunt explained that his travels around the County, they understand this year is different than any other. Magistrate Caywood mentioned the connection of Perryville, Constitution Square and the distilleries all add to tourism. Magistrate Cullen stated Main Street Perryville is an actual tourism activity and should be under the CVB. Magistrate Short reminded the salary paid includes the Battlefield re-enactment and the Re-enactment did not occur due to the Pandemic. Motion by Magistrate Gay for 30% reduction in salary. Magistrate Ellis stated Main Street Perryville has been meeting with Representative Guthrie and two staff members to continue promoting Perryville. Judge restated motions for zero, $36,000 and $38,000. Magistrate Cullen reminded the Court that we denied the purchase of a Sheriff’s vehicle, an EMS Ambulance but we are paying for an employee that is not our employee. When I can support Perryville I will but these funds are not appropriate. The employee salary should not be with the Fiscal Court. Judge Hunt restated the figures: zero: Magistrate Cullen & Short Yes. Magistrates Gay, Ellis, Caywood and Sammons vote No. Next figure: $28,000: Magistrate Ellis & Cullen: No, Magistrate Short, Sammons, Caywood and Gay Yes. $28,000 passes four to two. Magistrate Gay reminded the Court that Main Street Perryville needs to make plans for self-sustainment.

Veteran Appreciation Luncheon Requested $1,000. Court approved $500. Magistrate Ellis suggested $500. The funding request from the Veteran Appreciation Luncheon is directly for golf cart transportation. Magistrate Cullen, Caywood, Ellis and Judge Hunt voted for $500. Motion carries four to three. Possibly private citizens could offer their golf carts for use.

Human Rights-We pay bills Requested $750. Court Approved $250. Consensus of the Court is $250.00

West T. Hill Theatre Requested $1,000. Court Approved $500. Judge Hunt made statement that West T. Hill provided technology to the Court so that we could comply with the COVID19 streaming services. The request from West T. Hill stated funds would be used for summer camp. It is unlikely camp will be held this year. Court unanimous vote at $500.00.

Art Center of the Bluegrass Requested $15,000. Court unanimously approved $12,000.

Brass Band Festival Requested $15,000. Court Approved $7,500. Judge stated event moved to September. Magistrate Gay offered $7,500. Yes Magistrate Cullen, Gay and Short. $10,000 Magistrates Sammons, Caywood and Ellis. Judge Hunt breaks tie voting for $7,500.

Heart of Danville Requested $2,000. Court unanimously approved $0.00.

Juvenile Shelter Expenses Requested $500. Court Approved $0.00. Treasurer shared that we have never used this fund and was promoted by the previous County Attorney as an emergency fund. Court unanimously approved $0.00.

Airport Board Requested $15,000. Court unanimously approved $10,000. Discussion related to Airport Board offering to forego appropriation from the Fiscal Court. No verification. Court voted to contribute $10,000.

Planning & Zoning Requested $75,000. Court unanimously approved $70,000.

Parks & Recreation Requested $303,000. Court Approved $248,590. Discussion that fitness center will not operate at maximum capacity and pool will not be open this year. We have a participation agreement that provides a reduction in our contribution if pool not operational and fitness center not operating at full capacity. It was suggested $248,590 and hold $43,945 in reserve for the fitness center. Magistrates Sammons, Short, Gay, Cullen, Caywood and Ellis voted yes.

Economic Development Partnership Requested $100,000. Court unanimously approved $70,000. Magistrate Cullen remarked that he did not always agree with EDP but did appreciate the work they do on behalf of the entire County; 30,000 people by recruiting, maintaining and developing opportunities for revenue. Magistrate Ellis requested an update on data, the Corona Virus negatively impacted our employment levels. County Treasurer Conley explained the Appropriation process. The organizations request funds for specific expenditures. We need to know when they meet, see the minutes and know that these meetings are meeting on a regular basis. Motion by Magistrate Gay, seconded by Magistrate Ellis that organizations must include minutes and financial statements with their next year’s appropriation requests. Ms. Conley explained that the Constitution requires either we pay the bills of these organizations or appropriate fund to them for taking care of obligations. Motion carries unanimously. Judge Hunt expressed concern that there are some organizations that do not maintain good minutes in regard to appropriations. Hopefully the organizations will take notice of this and keep adequate records as required.

Health Plan Document Amendments: County Treasurer Conley –

Telehealth Visits – Third party administrator allowed for Telehealth but only for back to work or back to school. We would like to amend our plan to include telehealth services with your own personal doctor. Effective date March 1, 2020, retroactive effective date with $25/$35 copays for OV/Specialist. Motion by Magistrate Gay, seconded by Magistrate Short. No discussion. Motion carries.

Therapy Benefit – Our Plan Document therapeutic visit includes confusing terminology. There is a therapy benefit maximum which is 60. This is a clarification of the benefit description for a lay person. Motion by Magistrate Ellis, seconded by Magistrate Caywood. No discussion. Motion carries.

Birthplace of Kentucky Committee: Steve Knight – The recommendation list that we sent to the Court is relatively nonspecific. We did not feel comfortable, with the fiscal restraints we are experiencing. The recommendations are how we would like to see things move forward at the park. Public Works, Duane Campbell walked us through the Park and we agreed with him that the sidewalks and roofing were the most important repairs to be addressed. The corner of Second and Walnut has been repaired and looks very nice. We were looking for some guidance on the role you want our Committee to play. The management with EDP and how that was moving forward. Where does the Fiscal Court see us in park management? We feel some regular oversight is required for the part. Carolyn Crabtree is reaching out to the State for some of the artifacts that the State kept. Some of the items on the list are not in our park. We’d like to do an inventory and record items with the State. The committee is seeking guidance from the Court as to the function you expect from them. Duane Campbell stated the repairs are stated correctly. CVB was on sight and reserve the park for various functions and screen that for appropriate. Court asked if McDowell House wasn’t to be scheduling events and James Ross would need to know what and where they could use the park. Steve Knight understands that CVB has laid off staff, McDowell House is closed and Jennifer Kirchner is not keeping regular hours. We need to know the process of scheduling. Duane requested a conference call to review the process of scheduling events. Magistrate Gay brought up the capital improvements, budget includes $38,000 for the sidewalk first, then roof. Committee supports the sidewalk and understand the liability issue to be considered. Magistrate Ellis asked about the inventory, how would we secure the artifacts that we might obtain for our park? Steve Knight agreed that security is needed as we reacquire items. Magistrate Cullen asked what the status was on the naming of buildings appropriately for persons living or taking part in the Constitution 200 years ago. Mr. Knight says this is being reviewed. Treasurer Conley asked if we need to appropriate funds for signage. For the second reading of the budget we could add $5,000 that was not expended for flowers this year. Mr. Knight requested appropriate signage for the Farmer’s Market which clashes with the Park. Mr. Campbell advised that the Farmer’s Market is aware they are to get a new banner of the proper size and design. Motion to provide $5,000 for signage by Magistrate Ellis, seconded by Magistrate Sammons. Motion carries. Mr. Knight advised the Court that the Committee thought the office space in the Park should produce revenue rather than an expense.

EMA Mike Wilder: Requested to Remove Hazmat Portable Weather Station to Surplus. This is an item that has been on my inventory for years and never located it. It appeared two weeks ago in the Perryville City Fire Department taken there about eight years ago. It was purchased in 2004 at $4,000. The power supply is bad and software is outdated. The cost to fix it is much more than it is worth and we don’t know what it would be used for. The weather station can be taken to the dump. Mr. Wilder stated that this portable weather station has no purpose. Motion to dispose of by Magistrate Short, seconded by Magistrate Sammons. No discussion. Motion carries.

Request Approval to Advertise for Finance Officer Position: Shannon Greene requests approval to advertise for the Finance Officer position. The Personnel Committee approves the posting of this position. Motion by Magistrate Short to advertise Finance Officer Position, seconded by Magistrate Caywood. No discussion. Motion carried.

Jody Lassiter: Grant Application for Danville/Boyle County Airport: Mr. Lassiter is here today to respond to general questions for the application of an economic development grant to make improvements at the Danville/Boyle County Airport. Mr. Lassiter has discussed the US Economic Development Grant Program funded through the CARES program but has been in existence for many years. The lenders will be responsible for expending these funds, not from the Federal Government. This is an ideal opportunity to move forward for industrial development at the airport. For several years we have had increase in corporate traffic. The work group discussing these things is how can we access the funds to access and expand the airport possibilities. The potential applicant would be the Danville/Boyle County Airport. We may need a letter of support from the Court, City Commission, Lincoln Government and others who see the need and opportunities for development at the airport. Magistrates each acknowledged receipt of the Agreement. Jody stated he had put Judge Hunt and County Treasurer Conley with Bob Hunter, one of the most experienced people in this area of grants. Congress wants these funds spread around the Country. The application is a rolling process. An application from the City of Danville will not be reviewed at the same time as an application from the Airport Board. If the Court would register their support and give Mary Conley, Judge Hunt and myself as your representatives so that we can get our application in ASAP. Motion by Magistrate Caywood, seconded by Magistrate Gay to collectively support Judge Hunt, Treasurer Conley and Jody Lassiter EDP to apply for this grant application. Motion carries unanimously.

Treasurer: Financial Statement July 1, 2019-March 31, 2020: Treasurer Mary Conley presented the Quarterly Report for the County was submitted to Frankfort and appropriate documents to the Fiscal Court for review. . Magistrate Gay to acknowledge receipt of the Financial Statement, seconded by Magistrate Short. No discussion. Motion carries.

First Reading 2020-2021 Annual Budget: Treasurer Conley: I do not have some of the final numbers in front of me. Many computations remain. We do have the budget as circulated. I have a document compiled from the worksheets reviewed by the Magistrates. The numbers exactly the same except I adjusted the EMS budget down by $500,000. I did not look at the figures correctly and I adjusted the revenue down and the transfers from EMS to the General Fund. Our reserve for transfer at the end of the 2020 budget. We are still in good shape. This budget does not include the Appropriations discussed today. Ms. Conley asked if we will continue to take animals to Tri-K Landfill we may need a disposal line item. The Judge needs to go through this list and read the summaries for each department.

General Fund: $8,882,867
Public Works Fund: $1,312,639
Joint Jail Fund: $5,252,430
LGEA Fund: $125,492
Bond Proceeds Fund: $25,000,000
State/Local Fund: $500,000
E911 Fund: $241,190
Federal Grant Fund: $498,575
Health Insurance Fund: $2,449,068
Boyle Jail Fund: $1,483
EMS Fund: $2,784,600
Grand Total: $47,038,344

This does not include the $5,000 sign fund and the Appropriations changed made today. Motion by Magistrate Sammons, seconded by Magistrate Gay. Acknowledge First Reading of 2020-2021 Annual Budget. No discussion. Motion carries unanimously. Along with the budget, payroll, insurance, utilities and few other bills that come in between Fiscal Court meetings. We have Payroll Standing Orders, Worker’s Compensation and Liability Standing Orders and Billings for Life, Health, Dental and Administrator payment Standing Orders, Utilities General Fund, Jail, EMS, Joint Jail Standing Orders and Debt Service Payments and Annual Standing Order for Grants for Corning Incorporated still on the active list and Battlefield Land Acquisition. The Department of Local Government must approve these Standing Orders. Motion to approve these Standing Orders by Magistrate Gay, seconded by Magistrate Sammons. No discussion. All members voted in favor.


Magistrate Short presented Personnel Meeting Minutes. Met May 8, 2020. Motion to accept Minutes from Personnel by Magistrate Short, seconded by Magistrate Caywood. No discussion. Minutes on file in County Treasurer’s office Fiscal Court Committee Binder. Minutes accepted by unanimous vote.

Magistrate Ellis presented Public Works Meeting Minutes. May 11, 2020. Motion to accept Minutes from Public Works Committee by Magistrate Ellis, seconded by Magistrate Cullen. No discussion. Minutes on file in County Treasurer’s office Fiscal Court Committee Binder. Minutes accepted by unanimous vote.

Magistrate Cullen presented EMS Committee Meeting Minutes. Met on May 4, 2020. Motion to accept Minutes from EMS Committee by Magistrate Cullen, seconded by Magistrate Caywood. No discussion. Minutes on file in County Treasurer’s office Fiscal Court Committee Binder. Minutes accepted by unanimous vote.


Magistrate Gay: Reminder to respond to 2020 Census and encourage family and friends, everyone to do so. Magistrate Ellis recommended the Magistrates do radio spots promoting completion of the Census. Judge Hunt suggested everyone reach out the three local radio stations. Remind everyone the real reason for Memorial Day and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Magistrate Gay recalled his grandfather gave his life November 29, 1944 leaving behind my mother and her sister. Memorial Day is very real for me and many others.

Magistrate Short: Want to thank all the Magistrates for their hard work. Offered his Church as a location for Fiscal Court meetings to facilitate social distancing.

Magistrate Cullen: Meeting with Sheriff this morning. Sheriff asked if we would consider not allowing purses and bags into the Courthouse. These items can be locked in cars and security is at risk reaching into these bags. Any clarification needed, please contact the Sheriff. Magistrate Cullen also recognized the Garden Club of Danville for their 85th anniversary and service to the community. He also applauded the first responders, teachers and citizens who have worked through the COVID restrictions. Magistrate Cullen also expressed thanks and respect for all our veterans.

Magistrate Caywood: Memorial Day and its importance is and honoring those who have given all for our freedom be remembered. He also recognized the significant contribution of the Garden Club of Danville to Constitution Square.

Magistrate Ellis: I am pleased with the cooperation we are receiving from Parks and Recreation and, in particular, John Bell. Magistrate Cullen and I were invited to the last board meeting where White’s Park was discussed. Lights were mentioned and playground equipment. It is my impression that the City anticipated folks from Perryville and/or Junction City to dismantle and remove the existing playground equipment. I believe we have folks who would be willing to do this for the areas of Perryville and Junction City. Magistrate Ellis mentioned that John Davis advised someone on the Boyle County Library Board wishes to retire and Magistrate Ellis had a suggestion from Mr. Davis to nominate someone from District 1, that person must be vetted at the State level. This would need to be discussed that with the Judge. Magistrate Ellis mentioned the situation facing cattle farmers with the cost of raising beef and the lesser amount paid by packing houses. He has written a letter on behalf of District 1 to the State Commissioner of Agriculture. This is the help our farmers and our consumers.

Magistrate Sammons: The State has received $300,000,000. The Boyle County portion is $1M and City of Danville portion $1.2M. It has to be applied for and is to be related to COVID19 expenditures incurred by the County and City. Judge Hunt explained the County is keeping a detailed list of our COVID19 related expenses.

Judge Hunt: Policy directive effective June 1, 2020, until no longer needed. The notice was read aloud by the Judge. Social distancing must be practiced and all employees will be masked when within six feet of each other or the public. Tape is placed on the floor spacing for social distancing. Public may have to wait outside the building for admittance. No purses or bags allowed in the Courthouse by the Public. Temperatures will be taken and any temperature 100.4 or more will not be admitted. If you are sick, stay home, cover your cough. Leave the building when business is completed. Motion made by Magistrate Gay to accept this Policy Directive – with flexibility to adapt to current situations, seconded by Magistrate Short. No discussion. Motion carries.

Judge Hunt request meeting be adjourned in honor all those veterans that have given the ultimate sacrifice. We will never forget their sacrifice. Motion to adjourn made by Magistrate Sammons, seconded by Magistrate Caywood. Motion carries.

Respectfully submitted,

Howard P. Hunt III
Boyle County Judge Executive