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Occupational Licensing and Net Profit Requirements

All businesses shall pay an annual occupational license fee to the city and the county for the privilege of engaging in such activities within the City of Danville and the County of Boyle.  When conducting business within the city limits of Danville, an occupational license is required.  Each following year you will be required to file a form NP (net profit return) and pay a fee based on 1.75% of the net profit earned from sales within the City of Danville and 1.25% of the net profit earned within the County of Boyle.   In addition, you are required to withhold a gross wage tax of 1.90% from each employee who earns a wage while working within the city and 1.25% within the county.  This withholding is to be reported on the Employers Quarterly Withholding Return Form and remitted quarterly by the end of the month following the end of the quarter.

You can view the County of Boyle Ordinance No.220.4.01 and the City of Danville Ordinance No.1687 at

If you have any questions, call Susanna Ryan or Jackie Richardson at (859) 238-1115.


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Refund Request Forms – Employee Withholding Fees

The Tax Administrator’s Office is responsible for the collections of payroll withholdings and net profit fees for Boyle County and the City of Danville. Joint collection forms may be found at this website. A copy of the County Ordinance may be obtained by clicking on the link above.